Thursday, 1 December 2011

On the painting table 1st december 2011

As you can see, its a crowded table ! Here are some High Elves I'm painting up for my god son (not based fully yet, of course). Lothern Sea Guard.


Sword masters of Heoth:

Some new 1/285th Challenger Is for my 1984 Cold War Commander British force, mostly Chieftains at the moment:

Another battalion of 15mm French for my Waterloo game (long term on-going project):

And here we have a unit of 32 x 28mm Sassanid Persian levy spearmen. I'm painting up a Sassanid Persian army for my friend Paul (and a 28mm Alexandrian Macedonian army for myself). The plan is to do the Field of Glory (FoG) competition at PAW in Plymouth in early February. Watch this space for pictures of the Macedonians. At this point I have a minor gripe against Wargames Foundry. I ordered over £500 worth of figures from them back in May, and have been steadily painting them up ever since. When I came to start of the Companion cavalry I couldn't find them. They weren't in the box, and I hadn't moved any figures from the box they came in.  I thought I'd orderd 7 blister packs of the things,but couldn't find proof. So, I ordered replacements form Magister Militum (So much cheaper !). Well, the other day, I was clearing out my e-mails and came across my order forms. I e-mailed Foundry and, I was pleasantly surprised, they agreed to sendthe missing figures. A week passed, so I chased them up. Oh no, their policy was not to replace after one month. Now, I thin this policy is relatively reasonable, but to e-mail me to say they would send the figures, then change their mind but not bother to tell me they had changed their mind I thins was shabby, particularly bearing in mind how much Foundry charge for their figures; £13 for 3 x mounted figures... that;s more than £4 each !!!!!

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